Tokyo’s 38 billboard network set! Go hard or go home with your blitz.

ad agencyA billboard set of 38 signs to super blitz your Tokyo ad campaign city wide.

Shibuya | Aoyama | West Azabu | Roppongi |

Oh yeah do we got something unique for you! For all you ad agencies looking at Tokyo for an ad campaign which needs to be a easy home run in terms of mass coverage and impressions. This is the biggest network set for Asia we offer.

Presenting the Lucky 7 billboard set. Yes that’s the name. No not Lucky 38, but Lucky 7. Why? We do not know. Maybe if you have 38 signs all over you’ll have your “lucky 7” success with your product or branding goals.

Yes, how easy is this? You pay once, provide your different creatives and you get 38 signs to go into key areas of Tokyo which delivers some serious mass media for your buck. Many signs are the same square size so creative sizes are narrowed down to just 3 or so. There are a few traditional bulletins. The main areas of Shibuya, Aoyama and Roppongi are key for several demographics such as night life, fashionable shopping area, business and trendsetting/hipster area and other faceted sprinkles on top as well with regards to demographics.

Stop and try to imagine actually buying 38 separate billboards from 1-6 different billboards companies. Does that not sound like lots of work? But even still going through an agency its still lots of work if they are all different sizes, Ha. You bet it is. But because this is the Lucky 7 set, you luckily have a fraction of the work to get a ton of billboard ad spaces for some very wide reaching media.

With tax and agent fee, 1 month will run almost 8.1 million ¥ plus 1 million in printing. It may be cheap or expensive depending on how you look at it. So just a 1 month run will break down to 238,763¥ all in. At 107 per dollar we are talking $2231 per sign. Seems like a deal if we look at it that way. All are illuminated except 2 sites.

Lets look now at the city layout of each sign, most of which are in Shibuya, a key area indeed and one of the most asked for areas from RFP’s we get for Tokyo. The numbers on the map are not DEC but general circulation. This network could deliver 5 million plus views potential per day. X 30 days equals 150,000,000 impressions.

billboard set

We have a media kit with one page per board so we cant put them all here but will show the two common sizes:

3 4 5

This set would be suitable for branding typically, yet can fit the objective of several types of mass media ad goals.

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Hong Kong tram advertising: Cool outdoor advertising with impact.

ad agencyDespite last years threats to scrap Hong Kong’s trams, the peoples voice seems strong to keep this amazing heritage piece of Hong Kong…and its cool advertising.

Hong Kong tram advertising. Is it Awesome?

Slow is good. The Hong Kong Island trams serve as cheap transport with a nice old time colonial feel while going around Hong Kong island. Allot of people prefer the MTR because its fast and trains come every 3-5 minutes. But what else is the tram doing? It’s being the islands best slow moving billboard. Nice in your face, slow moving, full body wrap type of billboard, which is what advertisers want. Longer impression times and impact due to conspicuousness. The trams are big enough so with full body wrapping the size is bigger than most, but not all, signs on Hong Kong island, yet cover viewers from both ends of the island instead of being stationary. How cool is that?

Last summer there was talk of scrapping these amazing historical trams. Seems like that idea went away rather quick with the loud voice of locals. Thank goodness.

See this video from the SCMP on the history of the tram:

hong kong tram advertising

Causeway Bay, Tram Ad.

Could it be that the tram fare is low due to the large income from ad space?

This is a theoretical assumption. As trams have been around 110 years. Perhaps the capital return on investment is way past already and the rest is gravy?

Why is tram advertising effective? Well the demographics of Hong Kong island are of well to do folks with disposable income. The island has quite a bit of affluent millionaires, 1 in 9 are. Its a premium audience for the most part. That’s why you see allot of premium luxury brands advertising on HK island. The likes of Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Swiss watch makers galore and on and on! Hong Kong’s central business district is in Central. And the main shopping zone of premium-everything. Of which the tram obviously goes through. The tram ad coverage is rather thorough. That is one reason, but the best reason is its slow speed and eye level view of the ad spaces which are on both sides plus front and back along with the wide coverage of the island.

hong kong tram advertising

hong kong tram advertisingBvlgari….of course

Thankfully these cool billboards are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Lets do some Hong Kong tram advertising !

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Macau’s premium billboard: The Cotai Taipa interchange 203 footer!

ad agency

Looking for Grade A Macau Cotai stripe ad space for Mr Premium Brand X?

Macau’s gaming and local economy have been skyrocketing these past 6 years! The entry of major casino and hotel players from the likes of Las Vegas are in full invasion mode of Macau. Building massive premium hotel and casino resorts with a fresh sparkle. These players are in it big to get a piece of the massive wealth pie of China’s new millionaire and billionaire high rollers that have disposable income they want to throw around. Well to do Chinese come to Macau to play all sorts of games,(gambling games, “dating” games and money routing games) have fun, go shopping, and up until recently, funnel huge sums of money through Union Pay networks to get around China capitol controls.

With big business, and a big-money crowd going to Macau to spend spend spend, comes the attraction of big luxury brands wanting to target these high net worth individuals when they are at their playground. Especially the Italian ones because the Chinese love both French and Italian clothing brands. Like seriously, they bend over backwards to have these brands.

Other than the airport, typical OOH is where they usually turn to as the logical choice since people are in Macau usually for holidays and weekends, so its a short stay.

So we have seen a number of Macau’s OOH site riding boards. But one particular unit is indeed a gem. And that’s the Taipa interchange board(s). At the Avenida dos Jogos da Asia Oriental Interchange.

It is 4 boards connected to make one 62m wide by 32m H sign.


So if you happen to be one of those luxury brands I was mentioning, I think its’ your billboard. Get in line to make your reservation by the way. I assure you its well worth any wait.

Opposite to Galaxy Macau, this billboard has the highest traffic numbers on the Cotai Strip, as it’s a must-see billboard when the shuttle buses heading into the Cotai strip, which includes Venetian Macau, Four Seasons Hotel, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams , Crown Tower, Grand Hyatt hotel, Sands Cotai Central (Conrad Macao, Holiday Inn Macao, Sheraton Macao) and Caesars Golf. Not to mention all the exhibitions and concerts going on on the strip and the crowds that go with it.

The upcoming and/or already completed projects in Cotai Strip includes: Wynn Macau Cotai Project 3rd phase, Galaxy Macau 2nd phase, W Hotel, The Studio City of project – Melco Crown Entertainment, MGM China


Prada had this board I think in 2011 or 12.


This billboard as of now still could take the title of Macau’s best billboard.

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Narita Ad Agency: Private Jet Terminal Ad Space To The Elite Traveler

Advertising to first class flyers…the ones with the private jets.

Tokyo’s first Premier Business Aviation Terminal with CIQ facilities and ad spaces.

Narita ad agency | Premium media options through this special terminal at NRT airport. Narita international airport (NRT) is a major hub in APAC with impressive traffic. With that traffic comes serious demand to buy advertising spaces throughout the airport. NRT carries a wide array of media which includes;

But unbeknownst to many media planners who occasionally request ad space for this airport, do they know of a hidden ad space type of gem… a set of ad space signage that the very elite flyer sees. The private jet flyers. Whether it be tycoons domestic or foreign, or Japans top executives, Narita’s Private Jet Terminal has a lounge before boarding which has several advertising opportunities that these elite flyer’s and entourage will see. I mean see it eye to eye in their faces because the ad space is right at eye level. Only a few ad spaces at Narita airport are actually wall ad spaces at eye level.

elite first class flyer advertrising

Ads surrounding the lounge area

Since getting advertising inside VIP and first class lounges is tough because in most airports it just does not exist, the jet terminal ad spaces at Narita is as close as you can get to hitting a high ratio of VIP travelers with your ad money. Few airports in Asia have a respectable network of advertising in or near premium lounges. Why they have not developed this properly I do not know. But they really should as its in demand media.

Lets look at the layout of this special Business Aviation Terminal:

business jet terminal

Lets look at pricing for some of these ad spaces:

elite flyer advertising media

With a Yen to Dollar rate of 108, a one month ad spend would set you back only $43,000 including production and agency fees.


See the media kit here in video format:


Narita ad agency media planning services:

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