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Hong Kong Outdoor Ad Agency Media Services 2018

09/02/2018 Update | SovereignAd’s range of OOH  ad spaces is now more comprehensive than ever before. Below is a list of media formats we offer for new and existing clients’ reference as your Hong Kong Outdoor Ad Agency service provider for all indoor/outdoor agency planning and buying.

Hong Kong outdoor ad agency Hong Kong outdoor ad agency Hong Kong outdoor ad agency
Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency
  1. Billboards.

  2. Wall signage

  3. Window wrapping

  4. Subway MTR

  5. Hong Kong Island Tram wrap | Tram shelter

  6. DOOH LED billboards

  7. Cinema ads

  8. Macau Hong Kong Ferry wrapping

  9. KBS bus wrapping

  10. HKG Intl airport, static, digital

  11. Airport Express train wraps and in-train options

  12. Taxi stickers and wraps

  13. Shopping centers

  14. Rooftops and Neon signage (if available)

  15. Red and green Mini Bus wraps

  16. Cross harbor tunnel


Contact us with your RFP for any of the above.

Fill out the RFP form with the details of your campaign and we will compile a proposal based on your need or make suggestions based on your objective if you are unsure of what media formats best fit, and adhere to your timeline and budget.