BTS Skytrain advertising- In-train LED is the best DOOH in Bangkok

skytrain advertising

BTS Skytrain advertising: In-train LED

 Why is it the best and most impactful in all of Thailand?

BTS Skytrain advertising- The In-train LED is by far the best DOOH in Thailand in terms of impact! Yes there are many choices of OOH in Bangkok these days. But what media is really going to make the impact, the impression on the mind of the consumer, the traveller, the visitor, the investor or anyone else you need to reach by mass media? Billboards are good for certain kinds of advertising and branding. Train stations and posters in them or digital signs are effective too. But here is why the TV inside the train is just simply amazing for the sake of making a memorable impact in OOH. The BTS Skytrain advertising LED screen should be noticed for the sake of your next Bangkok campaign for these reasons:

  1. SOUND! These in train LEDs come with sound, just like a TV. Its not like you see a poster or billboard and get the message into your thoughts. With this media, you get the 15″ or 30″ tv type commercial with music, a voice to go with the video bringing more than just sight activated. If someone is not looking at the TV or at their phone and they hear the TV of something that sparks their interest that can bring in their attention. In places like Japan there is no sound with a majority of DOOH signage which gives it disadvantage as you rely just on moving eyes to land on the screen. Sound reels in the eyes.
  2. Just above eye level. These screen are about a foot above eye level. So if you are standing in a crowded train (which is very common most of the day throughout busy stations) you will be likely looking up or at your phone. Certainly not directly at the person face thats standing inches away from you, that would be awkward. Natural tendency is to look up and away….. at the ads to read which are the only thing to look at.
  3. DEC / Circulation. The daily ridership of the BTS is ridiculous. 1.4 million per day. With now 52 stations open a one month campaign will for sure reach 42 million views. Many will be repeated viewers which will increase retention of the ad. Since most people ride for around 7 min on average, with the loop being 2 minutes that means at least 2 views of the ad, meaning 84 million views of your ad. At least, assuming they rode the train once that month. Those riding 5 days a week, well, they will certainly remember your brand.
  4. Price. With 52 trains and 1228 screens guaranteed, thats B1,152 per screen per month. Thats $37/month for each screen. If we divide our 42 million figure of the month with the 1228 screens we have about 34,201 views per screen. So thats like doing a TV ad for $37 for a WHOLE MONTH and getting 34,201 views. This is a amazing value and beats regular television. No billboard or DOOH get this up front, in your face, with sound type of impact.
BTS Skytrain advertising

BTS Skytrain advertising LED screen.

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