Omotesandos most awesome Billboard + Event space!

Having a billboard for a month is one thing, but having a billboard + your own store front shop/promotion/event space IS ANOTHER THING ALL TOGETHER!

Get a load of ‘THE BILLBOARD ON STEROIDS’… In the heart of Omotoesandos intersection which begins at the “super fashion boutique corridor” of Aoyama Dori.

In all our years in this business, this site is a first, an original, and a great idea. This is how it works;

You can take the store front  / event space on the ground floor along with the different variations of the front, front windows space or wall and billboard space above. Illuminated sign, space includes kitchen, water, sink, restrooms. 3 Floors, 17m sqr, 15m sqr and 15m sqr.

omotesando boardHere are some other options doable for signage :

o1 o2 o4





o3 3







Play did the whole camo thing, and sold their gear in the shop space.m1How about a Snickers bar while you get a free haircut?


4MiniCooper did a good job here with the full board display along with a car showroom. How awesome is that? See the sign, go sit in the car!

If you ever had a call to action campaign, this would be the space to do it in. 7

1 week campaign with tax and production will run you around 4.1 Million Yen. Also sellable for 2 and 4 weeks.

Contact us to book this unique promo and board space.