Narita Ad Agency: Private Jet Terminal Ad Space To The Elite Traveler

Advertising to first class flyers…the ones with the private jets.

Tokyo’s first Premier Business Aviation Terminal with CIQ facilities and ad spaces.

Narita ad agency | Premium media options through this special terminal at NRT airport. Narita international airport (NRT) is a major hub in APAC with impressive traffic. With that traffic comes serious demand to buy advertising spaces throughout the airport. NRT carries a wide array of media which includes;

But unbeknownst to many media planners who occasionally request ad space for this airport, do they know of a hidden ad space type of gem… a set of ad space signage that the very elite flyer sees. The private jet flyers. Whether it be tycoons domestic or foreign, or Japans top executives, Narita’s Private Jet Terminal has a lounge before boarding which has several advertising opportunities that these elite flyer’s and entourage will see. I mean see it eye to eye in their faces because the ad space is right at eye level. Only a few ad spaces at Narita airport are actually wall ad spaces at eye level.

elite first class flyer advertrising

Ads surrounding the lounge area

Since getting advertising inside VIP and first class lounges is tough because in most airports it just does not exist, the jet terminal ad spaces at Narita is as close as you can get to hitting a high ratio of VIP travelers with your ad money. Few airports in Asia have a respectable network of advertising in or near premium lounges. Why they have not developed this properly I do not know. But they really should as its in demand media.

Lets look at the layout of this special Business Aviation Terminal:

business jet terminal

Lets look at pricing for some of these ad spaces:

elite flyer advertising media

With a Yen to Dollar rate of 108,  a one month ad spend would set you back only $43,000 including production and agency fees.


See the media kit here in video format:


Narita ad agency media planning services:

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