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Desiguals Asia expansion and advertising in Tokyo

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The Barcelona-based fashion chain Desigual has been slowly creeping up into the shoes of its firm Spanish competitor Zara, at a global scale. With over 420 retail stores in over 100 countries, the flamboyant fashion brand has reached new heights of marketing and advertising in Asia within a relatively short period of time, targeting a brand-conscious audience.

With its first Asian store opened in Singapore in 2012, Desigual continued its rapid expansion on the Asian markets with stores in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Japan. The company has a strong out-of-home advertising strategy targeting heavily international hubs such as airports or large department store areas. As a case in point, Desigual partnered with companies such as Dufry, World Duty Free Group and LS Travel Retail to open outlets in major hubs and airports in South America and Asia.

omotesando subway advertising

The first Japanese branch of Desigual opened in December 2012, in the location previous occupied by Uniqlo’s UT Store Harajuku. Ever since, the company has grown steadily in popularity in Japan and they announced new store openings with outlets now in Osaka, Fukuoka and Kobe. Recently, Sovereign Ad has finalized the out-of-home advertising for Desigual in Omotesando, Tokyo. The hugely popular campaign “What do you see?” featuring brand ambassador Chantelle Winnie celebrates the individual originality or how they like to call it “the authenticity in each of us” and was filmed on an iPhone 6. In a pure “La Vida es Chula” (Life is cool) Spanish style, Desigual is a fashion brand that focuses on energy, optimism and vibrancy adopting colorful hippie summery fabrics designed to give you a feeling of “home away from home”.

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