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DMK airport advertising: What are the media options?

Don Mueang airport advertiisng

Don Mueang airport advertiisng

DMK Airport Advertising

 Don Mueang airport advertising options

DMK airport advertising? You would think at this once old, run down and previously shut down airport would not have much going on in terms of ad spaces right? Or flights for that matter. That was true… before.However in October 2012, AirAsia was pushed out of Suvarnabhumi Intl  by AOT and told to operate out of DMK due to excessive air traffic and over capacity at BKK airport. In March of 2012 it was only Nok operating at DMK with light traffic. DMK opened back up in March 2007.

Since that time, allot more flights out of DMK ensued. Lots more. Mostly discount airlines such as LionAir, Nok, Orient Thai Smile and others moved into DMK to compete with full service airlines out of BKK. This airport is the “cheapo hub”. Now, many flights are out of DMK covering the whole region. With the huge surge of travelers on discount airlines, DMK is a busy airport! Its a relic of the old Thailand still, with run down corridors and bathrooms still to this day. One terminal was completely renovated and opened in 2016. One terminal is new, one is old looking like something out of a 1985 movie.

But enough of the history. There is some serious traffic going out of DMK now and there are new and existing media formats which can target the new or average Thai and foreign traveler.

With high traveler counts, comes eyeballs, with eyeballs comes ad space

Lets look at the rapid rise of traffic at DMK:

DMK airport advertising



Year Domestic International Total Change%
2008 5,043,235 5,043,235 Increase 0.46
2009 2,466,997 2,466,997 Decrease 51.1%
2010 2,999,867 2,999,867 Increase 21.6%
2011 3,424,915 3,424,915 Increase 14.2%
2012 5,983,141 Increase 74.7%
2013 11,190,783 5,288,444 16,479,227 Increase 472.70%
2014 15,556,627 5,989,941 21,546,568 Increase 30.75%
2015 21,133,502 9,170,681 30,304,183 Increase 29.76%
2016 22,933,491 11,756,398 35,203,757 Increase 21.34%



Busiest international routes to and from Don Mueang Airport 2015[28]
Rank Airport Passengers 2015  % Change
1 Kuala Lumpur 1,238,591 Increase24.77%
2 Singapore 935,381 Increase43.65%
3 Yangon 561,440 Increase21.38%
4 Hong Kong 496,095 Increase48.87%
5 Tokyo–Narita 389,834 Increase236.91%
6 Macau 348,700 Increase4.73%
7 Chongqing 309,939 Increase22.49%
8 Nanjing 288,538 Increase134.35%
9 Jakarta–Soekarno–Hatta 282,428 Increase13.57%
10 Ho Chi Minh City 280,843 Increase19.55%


Since 2010, in just 7 years, traffic has gone up 10 fold. At the moment we are looking at 35+ million passengers a year.

As far as media goes, its possible to advertise to a traveling demographic at a max viewership of 2.9 million people per month, assuming you place ads in both terminals of departure and arrivals.


DMK Airport Advertising Options:

  • 10 Digital video boards: 1st floor, 3rd floor, Intl entrance, Domestic entrance.DMK airport advertising
  • Free Wifi / online portal
  • Trolley Cart
  • Airport bus wifi portal

SovereignAd can also provide billboards along the surface street or visible on the toll road going to DMK. Contact us with your RFP.