Coex advertising “Ad some COEX to my Seoul”

coex advertising

coex advertising

Let’s talk COEX advertising. If you’ve been to Seoul Korea, you maybe heard about or seen COEX. Its one of the premium options in Seoul for conventions and exhibitions in the World Trade Center area of Gangnam-gu. Yes, its sounds just like that K-pop sound, “Gangnam Style”—whooooop– whoop whop.

COEX includes COEX-mall. This mall is mega. One of Asia’s biggest, they boast 1,163 stores, including duty free, (YES!). And of course there is the mix of restaurants, entertainment and cultural attractions.

COEX Advertising- Whats the advantage?

COEX in essence brings in the numbers, meaning eyeballs- lots of them- 300,000 per day! And with eyeball counts comes advertising opportunities, both static signs and digital screens, both inside the mall and just outside it with billboards and digital signage. COEX, or any mass venue where people convene at, provides ad income for the property owners. They need ROI you know. That’s what this mall has done indeed.

A Seoul out of home ad agency would want to propose the following array of ad space to an ad campaign in need of targeting conventions specifically or just the consumer-locals as well as several other specific demographics which brands usually aim for, because this mall has quite a few key demographics which brands drool over. You can buy a billboard within a mile radius of COEX for your luxury brand, OR how about buying the ad in the mall where your store is? The later makes the impression while the target demographic is within proximity to the products! The Seoul outdoor ad agency you work with will propose strategic outdoor options, or in this case indoor buying ones.

Lets look at what’s on media offer here:

Coex advertising -event space in the promotion zone:

Its 2 2mX2m floor spaces, or the 11mX4.5m spot.

advertising at coex seoul

Coex advertising, Seoul

Here comes the cool billboard…


===========>84 meters long<===========

84m X 3m to be exact. That’s 275 feet wide. It goes around the corner! Literally. LOL


Just imagine what you can do creative wise with all that in your face-just-above-eye level ad space. This media comes in at about a ‘cheap’ 100 million KRW / month.

You know Canon products are sold here, well why not advertise its product when the items are within a few minutes reach? The “Media to Point of Sale” space is very small, making it a strategic advertising play.

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