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SOGO Causeway Bay mega digital sign on sale.

Causeway Bay mega digital deal.

Hong Kong’s biggest digital at one of the top most busy intersections. This site used to be static which was converted some years ago.

Location: 529-555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Size: 19.2m H x 71.7m W
Locational advantage: Largest high-resolution LED panel on the facade of SOGO Department Store, atop the busiest pedestrian crossing in the district which offers unmissable head on exposure to pedestrians in all directions
Daily traffic flow: over 234,670 vehicles
2 weeks Standard Package Rate: HK$250,000 nett
Airtime Entitlement: 180 sec/hr (30sec x 6 spots/hr)
Operation Hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Promotion Period:  [5% SOV] Display within May 2021 (commencing on Fridays)

Special Rate for the Promotion Period: HK$101,000 / slot

HK$185,000 nett/ 2 slots (Including 1-time scheduling fee)
*Booking intention only, subject to owner’s approval

causeway bay digital

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