Tokyo 3D billboard YZY Kanye
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Tokyo 3D billboard hosts ZYZ GAP black jacket launch sale.

Tokyo 3D billboard in Shinjuku- hosts first ad.

Kanye Wests second round jacket release in black color goes on sale today in Japan at The GAP. GAP has a store in Shinjuku with several other locations.

Sovereign Ad facilitated the media buy with the media and production company on behalf of Kanye Wests’ team. The 3D creative is live today on July 18th 2021, showing until 8pm tonight at 16x per hour. If you are in Tokyo, stop by to have a look at the first commercial 3D ad likely in Japan, ever. Congrats to Kanye for grabbing this title!

The 3D billboard is all the rave in media outlets this past week since its display of the sleeping cat. Which is abuzz with interest since 3D advertising boards are new on the market. This DOOH has the potential for amazing 3D depth from the sidewalk angle approaching the sign along side the park in front of Shinjuku station due to its curve.

Tokyo 3D billboard YZY Kanye

Tokyo 3D billboard set to up the standards in DOOH

The 3D DOOH signage will likely prompt a rush in demand for this sort of ad space due to its haute effects. Its comparable to the coolness of the iphone when it first launched. Yes we had PDA’s and other phones but the iphone was next level awe. And 3D outdoor signage could be that new awe inspiring DOOH which image conscience brands will want for that extra “umph” kick in their ads. A brand that makes a really cool effect type ad which jumps out at them is going to generate allot of photography/video of it which makes its way to socials in the form of “wow look what I saw today, so cool”… The demand for 3D rendering is most certainly going to surge in demand from creative professionals.


Tokyo 3D billboard advertising media kit

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