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Hong Kong Outdoor Ad Agency Media Services 2018

09/02/2018 Update | SovereignAd’s range of OOH ad spaces is now more comprehensive than ever before. Below is a list of media formats we offer for new and existing clients’ reference as your Hong Kong Outdoor Ad Agency service provider for all indoor/outdoor agency planning and buying.

Hong Kong outdoor ad agency Hong Kong outdoor ad agency Hong Kong outdoor ad agency
Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency Hong-Kong-Outdoor-Ad Agency
  1. Billboards.

  2. Wall signage

  3. Window wrapping

  4. Subway MTR

  5. Hong Kong Island Tram wrap | Tram shelter

  6. DOOH LED billboards

  7. Cinema ads

  8. Macau Hong Kong Ferry wrapping

  9. KBS bus wrapping

  10. HKG Intl airport, static, digital

  11. Airport Express train wraps and in-train options

  12. Taxi stickers and wraps

  13. Shopping centers

  14. Rooftops and Neon signage (if available)

  15. Red and green Mini Bus wraps

  16. Cross harbor tunnel


Contact us with your RFP for any of the above.

Fill out the RFP form with the details of your campaign and we will compile a proposal based on your need or make suggestions based on your objective if you are unsure of what media formats best fit, and adhere to your timeline and budget.

Airline advertising ~ Inflight advertising | 51 airlines on offer!

airline advertising

New airline advertising media

A new airline advertising medium has been up and coming in the past few years. Airplane advertising- Also known as inflight media or ambience media, or just airline advertising. Airlines have been jumping ‘onboard’, one after another tapping into this new lovely revenue stream which pays the airliner extra cash from an audience sitting in their planes. Unlike billboards where the impression times are 3-6 seconds, in-plane ad space command hours of impression time! Types of ad spaces now being sold are:

  • Plane wrap
  • Headrest covers
  • Tray table stickers
  • Bulkhead stickers
  • Menu ad
  • Overhead bins
  • Seat-back device
  • Inflight entertainment system
  • Beverage cups
  • Product sampling
  • Skyline panels

With these airline advertising type ads giving long impression times, out in the main areas of the plane, these can deliver better than ad spaces in the magazines even. The longest, in-your-face ad space would be the tray tables which would be in front of you the whole duration of your flight. Fine details can be added since they have plenty of time to stare at it. This format should be the hands down #1 pick for any advertisers due to “impression power”.

Airline Advertising for 51 carriers worldwide

Here is a handy grid of regions and carriers we now offer:


HK Express

Tigerair Taiwan


Peach Japan

Cebu Pacific

Air Asia

Lion Air


Nok Air


Hong Kong Airlines

Sri Lanken

China Airlines

Lao Airlines



People ViennaLine






Croatia Airlines


Brussels Airlines




Middle East

Airarabia Egypt

Airarabia Marocco

Airarabia U.A.E.


Gulf Air



Air Jamaica


Caribbean Air










Jet Blue


Jet Airways



Air India



Air Asia

South Africa

Mango S.A.

Airline Advertising Media Kits:

Tigerair Taiwan Media Kit | Inflight airline advertising by SovereignAd on Scribd

Also you can view:


Contact us with your new airline ad request for proposal.

DMK airport advertising: What are the media options?

Don Mueang airport advertiisng

DMK Airport Advertising

Don Mueang airport advertising options

DMK airport advertising? You would think at this once old, run down and previously shut down airport would not have much going on in terms of ad spaces right? Or flights for that matter. That was true… before.However in October 2012, AirAsia was pushed out of Suvarnabhumi Intl by AOT and told to operate out of DMK due to excessive air traffic and over capacity at BKK airport. In March of 2012 it was only Nok operating at DMK with light traffic. DMK opened back up in March 2007.

Since that time, allot more flights out of DMK ensued. Lots more. Mostly discount airlines such as LionAir, Nok, Orient Thai Smile and others moved into DMK to compete with full service airlines out of BKK. This airport is the “cheapo hub”. Now, many flights are out of DMK covering the whole region. With the huge surge of travelers on discount airlines, DMK is a busy airport! Its a relic of the old Thailand still, with run down corridors and bathrooms still to this day. One terminal was completely renovated and opened in 2016. One terminal is new, one is old looking like something out of a 1985 movie.

But enough of the history. There is some serious traffic going out of DMK now and there are new and existing media formats which can target the new or average Thai and foreign traveler.

With high traveler counts, comes eyeballs, with eyeballs comes ad space

Lets look at the rapid rise of traffic at DMK:

DMK airport advertising



Year Domestic International Total Change%
2008 5,043,235 5,043,235 Increase 0.46
2009 2,466,997 2,466,997 Decrease 51.1%
2010 2,999,867 2,999,867 Increase 21.6%
2011 3,424,915 3,424,915 Increase 14.2%
2012 5,983,141 Increase 74.7%
2013 11,190,783 5,288,444 16,479,227 Increase 472.70%
2014 15,556,627 5,989,941 21,546,568 Increase 30.75%
2015 21,133,502 9,170,681 30,304,183 Increase 29.76%
2016 22,933,491 11,756,398 35,203,757 Increase 21.34%



Busiest international routes to and from Don Mueang Airport 2015[28]
Rank Airport Passengers 2015 % Change
1 Kuala Lumpur 1,238,591 Increase24.77%
2 Singapore 935,381 Increase43.65%
3 Yangon 561,440 Increase21.38%
4 Hong Kong 496,095 Increase48.87%
5 Tokyo–Narita 389,834 Increase236.91%
6 Macau 348,700 Increase4.73%
7 Chongqing 309,939 Increase22.49%
8 Nanjing 288,538 Increase134.35%
9 Jakarta–Soekarno–Hatta 282,428 Increase13.57%
10 Ho Chi Minh City 280,843 Increase19.55%


Since 2010, in just 7 years, traffic has gone up 10 fold. At the moment we are looking at 35+ million passengers a year.

As far as media goes, its possible to advertise to a traveling demographic at a max viewership of 2.9 million people per month, assuming you place ads in both terminals of departure and arrivals.


DMK Airport Advertising Options:

  • 10 Digital video boards: 1st floor, 3rd floor, Intl entrance, Domestic entrance.DMK airport advertising
  • Free Wifi / online portal
  • Trolley Cart
  • Airport bus wifi portal

SovereignAd can also provide billboards along the surface street or visible on the toll road going to DMK. Contact us with your RFP.





Ginza billboard available at prime Waco intersection!

Heart of Ginza Billboard

Occasionally there are fine billboards that come along in prime locations for long term acquisition to rent in Japan. Such as rooftops or other signs that are in the best of locations that top brands stand and wait in line for, for years. One such prime location is the iconic intersection in Ginza which is full of neons and rooftop big brands. We have just come across a fine Ginza billboard now for rent.

ginza billboard

As of this writing, this prime intersection has a medium sized board available.

Tokyo Ginza prime Billboard | Iconic intersection by SovereignAd on Scribd

Tokyo’s 38 billboard network set! Go hard or go home with your blitz.

ad agencyA billboard set of 38 signs to super blitz your Tokyo ad campaign city wide.

Shibuya | Aoyama | West Azabu | Roppongi |

Oh yeah do we got something unique for you! For all you ad agencies looking at Tokyo for an ad campaign which needs to be a easy home run in terms of mass coverage and impressions. This is the biggest network set for Asia we offer.

Presenting the Lucky 7 billboard set. Yes that’s the name. No not Lucky 38, but Lucky 7. Why? We do not know. Maybe if you have 38 signs all over you’ll have your “lucky 7” success with your product or branding goals.

Yes, how easy is this? You pay once, provide your different creatives and you get 38 signs to go into key areas of Tokyo which delivers some serious mass media for your buck. Many signs are the same square size so creative sizes are narrowed down to just 3 or so. There are a few traditional bulletins. The main areas of Shibuya, Aoyama and Roppongi are key for several demographics such as night life, fashionable shopping area, business and trendsetting/hipster area and other faceted sprinkles on top as well with regards to demographics.

Stop and try to imagine actually buying 38 separate billboards from 1-6 different billboards companies. Does that not sound like lots of work? But even still going through an agency its still lots of work if they are all different sizes, Ha. You bet it is. But because this is the Lucky 7 set, you luckily have a fraction of the work to get a ton of billboard ad spaces for some very wide reaching media.

With tax and agent fee, 1 month will run almost 8.1 million ¥ plus 1 million in printing. It may be cheap or expensive depending on how you look at it. So just a 1 month run will break down to 238,763¥ all in. At 107 per dollar we are talking $2231 per sign. Seems like a deal if we look at it that way. All are illuminated except 2 sites.

Lets look now at the city layout of each sign, most of which are in Shibuya, a key area indeed and one of the most asked for areas from RFP’s we get for Tokyo. The numbers on the map are not DEC but general circulation. This network could deliver 5 million plus views potential per day. X 30 days equals 150,000,000 impressions.

billboard set

We have a media kit with one page per board so we cant put them all here but will show the two common sizes:

3 4 5

This set would be suitable for branding typically, yet can fit the objective of several types of mass media ad goals.

Get in touch with us for your next Japan RFP. Sovereign Ad is an ad agency specializing in Japan outdoor advertising.


Hong Kong tram advertising: Cool outdoor advertising with impact.

ad agencyDespite last years threats to scrap Hong Kong’s trams, the peoples voice seems strong to keep this amazing heritage piece of Hong Kong…and its cool advertising.

Hong Kong tram advertising. Is it Awesome?

Slow is good. The Hong Kong Island trams serve as cheap transport with a nice old time colonial feel while going around Hong Kong island. Allot of people prefer the MTR because its fast and trains come every 3-5 minutes. But what else is the tram doing? It’s being the islands best slow moving billboard. Nice in your face, slow moving, full body wrap type of billboard, which is what advertisers want. Longer impression times and impact due to conspicuousness. The trams are big enough so with full body wrapping the size is bigger than most, but not all, signs on Hong Kong island, yet cover viewers from both ends of the island instead of being stationary. How cool is that?

Last summer there was talk of scrapping these amazing historical trams. Seems like that idea went away rather quick with the loud voice of locals. Thank goodness.

See this video from the SCMP on the history of the tram: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education-community/article/1851352/love-it-or-dislike-it-hong-kong-trams-must-stay

hong kong tram advertising

Causeway Bay, Tram Ad.

Could it be that the tram fare is low due to the large income from ad space?

This is a theoretical assumption. As trams have been around 110 years. Perhaps the capital return on investment is way past already and the rest is gravy?

Why is tram advertising effective? Well the demographics of Hong Kong island are of well to do folks with disposable income. The island has quite a bit of affluent millionaires, 1 in 9 are. Its a premium audience for the most part. That’s why you see allot of premium luxury brands advertising on HK island. The likes of Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Swiss watch makers galore and on and on! Hong Kong’s central business district is in Central. And the main shopping zone of premium-everything. Of which the tram obviously goes through. The tram ad coverage is rather thorough. That is one reason, but the best reason is its slow speed and eye level view of the ad spaces which are on both sides plus front and back along with the wide coverage of the island.

hong kong tram advertising

hong kong tram advertisingBvlgari….of course

Thankfully these cool billboards are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Lets do some Hong Kong tram advertising !

Get in touch with Sovereign Ad for your next advertising campaign in Hong Kong along with the newest media kit for tram advertising.

Our lead media planner Stefan, spent over 6 months in Hong Kong and knows the lay of the land.

Macau’s premium billboard: The Cotai Taipa interchange 203 footer!

ad agency

Looking for Grade A Macau Cotai stripe ad space for Mr Premium Brand X?

Macau’s gaming and local economy have been skyrocketing these past 6 years! The entry of major casino and hotel players from the likes of Las Vegas are in full invasion mode of Macau. Building massive premium hotel and casino resorts with a fresh sparkle. These players are in it big to get a piece of the massive wealth pie of China’s new millionaire and billionaire high rollers that have disposable income they want to throw around. Well to do Chinese come to Macau to play all sorts of games,(gambling games, “dating” games and money routing games) have fun, go shopping, and up until recently, funnel huge sums of money through Union Pay networks to get around China capitol controls.

With big business, and a big-money crowd going to Macau to spend spend spend, comes the attraction of big luxury brands wanting to target these high net worth individuals when they are at their playground. Especially the Italian ones because the Chinese love both French and Italian clothing brands. Like seriously, they bend over backwards to have these brands.

Other than the airport, typical OOH is where they usually turn to as the logical choice since people are in Macau usually for holidays and weekends, so its a short stay.

So we have seen a number of Macau’s OOH site riding boards. But one particular unit is indeed a gem. And that’s the Taipa interchange board(s). At the Avenida dos Jogos da Asia Oriental Interchange.

It is 4 boards connected to make one 62m wide by 32m H sign.


So if you happen to be one of those luxury brands I was mentioning, I think its’ your billboard. Get in line to make your reservation by the way. I assure you its well worth any wait.

Opposite to Galaxy Macau, this billboard has the highest traffic numbers on the Cotai Strip, as it’s a must-see billboard when the shuttle buses heading into the Cotai strip, which includes Venetian Macau, Four Seasons Hotel, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams , Crown Tower, Grand Hyatt hotel, Sands Cotai Central (Conrad Macao, Holiday Inn Macao, Sheraton Macao) and Caesars Golf. Not to mention all the exhibitions and concerts going on on the strip and the crowds that go with it.

The upcoming and/or already completed projects in Cotai Strip includes: Wynn Macau Cotai Project 3rd phase, Galaxy Macau 2nd phase, W Hotel, The Studio City of project – Melco Crown Entertainment, MGM China


Prada had this board I think in 2011 or 12.


This billboard as of now still could take the title of Macau’s best billboard.

Need Macau out of home, print or airport advertising space + ?

Then get in touch with Sovereign Ad with your RFP.

Narita Ad Agency: Private Jet Terminal Ad Space To The Elite Traveler

Advertising to first class flyers…the ones with the private jets.

Tokyo’s first Premier Business Aviation Terminal with CIQ facilities and ad spaces.

Narita ad agency | Premium media options through this special terminal at NRT airport. Narita international airport (NRT) is a major hub in APAC with impressive traffic. With that traffic comes serious demand to buy advertising spaces throughout the airport. NRT carries a wide array of media which includes;

But unbeknownst to many media planners who occasionally request ad space for this airport, do they know of a hidden ad space type of gem… a set of ad space signage that the very elite flyer sees. The private jet flyers. Whether it be tycoons domestic or foreign, or Japans top executives, Narita’s Private Jet Terminal has a lounge before boarding which has several advertising opportunities that these elite flyer’s and entourage will see. I mean see it eye to eye in their faces because the ad space is right at eye level. Only a few ad spaces at Narita airport are actually wall ad spaces at eye level.

elite first class flyer advertrising

Ads surrounding the lounge area

Since getting advertising inside VIP and first class lounges is tough because in most airports it just does not exist, the jet terminal ad spaces at Narita is as close as you can get to hitting a high ratio of VIP travelers with your ad money. Few airports in Asia have a respectable network of advertising in or near premium lounges. Why they have not developed this properly I do not know. But they really should as its in demand media.

Lets look at the layout of this special Business Aviation Terminal:

business jet terminal

Lets look at pricing for some of these ad spaces:

elite flyer advertising media

With a Yen to Dollar rate of 108, a one month ad spend would set you back only $43,000 including production and agency fees.


See the media kit here in video format:


Narita ad agency media planning services:

Sovereign Ad is your Narita ad agency, contact us with your next request for proposal.

We plan and buy for all of Japan’s airports

Singapore Billboard Politics and Mobile & Event Alternative Advertising


Billboard politics and another way to make your ad POP in Singapore.

Advertising in Singapore is facing its challenges. Foremost, for most start-ups, mid sized and even for a few larger companies in instances with limited ad budgets, Singapore is not exactly a cheap place to buy traditional OOH. It’s a pricey place all around. But the other challenge I’m hinting at here is the trend in stronger beautification efforts by the local government, such as the huge tree planting blitz some decades ago from a politician who was fond of trees. With this political beautification mentality, roadblocks have in the past at least, been going up creating more obstacles if you are a billboard plant.

Unless you have a chat with a billboard CEO’s on the island, you wont notice that the government which loves lots of regulations, is making it harder and harder over time to construct new billboard ad space on buildings, highways and streets. The fight is real and has been for a number of years. This still is not as bad as the United States where from coast to coast new permits were banned for the most part starting in the early 00’s thereby creating a near monopoly for only existing players.

Economics 101 says supply and demand influence prices. Singapore is still a rather strong economy even post 2008 crisis and after their huge money printing spree since, so there is indeed demand for ad space. Firms are coughing up big cash for prime space at Raffles Place for starters. The thing is, over time, it’s harder now for a billboard plant to not only maintain what they have but to make new signage for the growing demand for OOH. “We have forces inhibiting new signage and other forces trying to uproot existing signs” says one prominent billboard company CEO in Singapore in April 2012 while “riding his boards” in his Porsche, [paraphrased]. “I’m constantly fighting “city hall” to get just one more sign. I’m active to maintain what I have built also…” says Porsche man. Porsche man is not alone. I spoke with another person from another billboard plant the next day and that company seems to have actively pursued business opportunities in OOH in other Asian countries instead of beat the dead Singapore horse, if you will, to try and develop inventories locally. This person said it’s too expensive to pursue more ad spaces locally, yet easy to get into Singapore and start a business. Nice, easy to get in but high price tags, red tape, barriers to entry on the out of home media space building. I will pass thank you.

This conversation confirmed the previous day’s one and so it looks like this industry of owning media OOH has hit a top.

Their time, money and blood are not worth the efforts dealing with high costs and regulations and red tape on the island to try to make a buck. They are going where there is low costs, little barriers to entry, and less interference from government whom are advertising-haters.. The bottom line is the goal, in black color not Singaporean red! Its too bad media companies cant grow in Singapore because a ton of brands want to advertise to this local 1st world country who has disposable income. The demand for more signs, more innovation, lower costs is badly needed here. Heck, Singapore needs more taxis for crying out loud! Unfortunately for this industry, free market capitalism is not so free and hence there is a hypocritical attitude from Sg city hall and hence, a stifling of the industries progress to grow and just do what we all want to do, meet the demand and make money.

But anyway I digress, the message was conveyed clearly. Singaporean politicians want to choke out more signs to beautify their island more, trying to mimic a bit Sao Paulo Brazil and the Americans with a softer Sing-tone. This hindrance on advertising development is making media buyers pay premiums, obviously. Have you seen Singapore OOH prices? Thus preventing companies that DO want to promote and grow their business with OOH a barrier to entry for the Singapore consumer market place. My sentiment is geared toward billboards, walls, and most traditional signs, not so much subway, train or taxi.

Since Singapore really is a pro business environment, It’s a little surprising they are anti advertising-business.

The above said, ad space is costing more, and is less abundant in this market as it potentially could be. Being in this business we know darn well rates all around the world are going up not down.


Let’s Segway into Singapore alternative advertising (click for media kit) and why it could really POP more than your average wall sign which sits quietly up there while you walk by Raffles Place and not notice it talking on your phone briskly walking to your meeting.

Would you believe it? A mobile billboard with event crew that drives around the city, parks all over in busy areas- IS permitted in over regulated Singapore! Yay there is hope. Wonder how long this will last….

Lets call it the “Mobile POP-Board” This truck which is wrapped in vinyl, has a center double sided billboard in the flatbed, 4 big faces, and in the pictures shown, an optional crew dressed up to the theme on board ready to jump out upon parking to sell sell sell-, is a billboard coming to you, with sales people included. This one was custom tailored with a cut out for the clients’ need, which also had real palm trees! This mobile board is keeping it real. If alternative OOH is possible and affordable it should be in demand more than traditional for this market.

This ad campaign is signage going to areas which fit the demographic, along with staff to hand out gifts, promos, coupons or just sell the product. A walking, talking billboard on the move. It’s ads like this which make impact on memory to those exposed it.

This particular campaign you see cost around SGD50,000 for a 2 week run including production and labor. No not cheap, depending on who you ask. However its quite engaging if planned right.

To make an in your face mobile awareness and promo campaign for Singapore this would be at the top of the list. And if your standard OOH is booked or out of budget, you either give up or look at alternatives.

Your Singapore out of home advertising agency:

Sovereign Ad offers a wide array of ad space products for Singapore. Give us your RFP,

Click here to visit our Singapore section for a summery of what we offer and some media kits to browse.

AdverTaipei-sing 101: Go for Taipei 101 00H! #10100H

Where is A+ advertising in Taipei? 🙄

Ah, Taipei Taiwan, a lovely place with lovely people. The coolest, tallest and most elaborate building is Taipei 101 in the civic center area of the city near city hall. This building is a magnet. Here are some of its attractions:

  • A shopping mall
  • Dining
  • Observatory
  • Lots of business
  • The BEST new years fireworks extravaganzaaaaaa! Hands down! I’m talking serious #boom.

taipei101 fireworks

The facilities are pretty cool as well. They feature things like a green corner, a reception desk for observatory restaurants (!), a conference center, watch repair, free wifi, currency exchanges, tax refund booth, equipment rental for shoppers, lockers, paging service, lost and found, medical assistance, VIP/Prestige club, auto detailing, breastfeeding room, and other exceptional amenities.

taipei 101

This building surely attracts the cities finest bunch. This building can indeed take some kudos for some cool attributes, in summery:

  • Worlds toughest building,
  • BBC’s worlds 8th most beautiful skyscraper,
  • Exemplar in Green super tall buildings,

Nearby, a few minutes walk is the Viewshow Cinemas in the civic center. This area features shops, dining, the cinema of course and other trendy stuff.

Both the Taipei 101 mall and Viewshow Cinemas offer elegant ad spaces, in, on or near them.

In today’s lesson in AdverTaipei-sing 101, is a long board. And we present a mega 3.8m x 72m “tractor trailer”. This one takes the cake for the country for “W”.

taipei out of home ad agency OOH


In AdverTaipei-sing chapter two, your Taiwan out of home ad agency should next teach you of the Viewshow area with ad space in the main areas of Viewshow cinemas, these fine ad spots target the affluent and trendy consumer, along with the local workers of nearby offices and government buildings.

taipei civic center advertising

Speaking of consumers, in a world without advertising, how would they ever be reminded of what they need buy? Burberry has set out to give us just that…

Taipei101 itself offers premium outdoor window mesh such as:

Taipei 101 advertising out of home agency


taipei OOH large format spectaculars

Taipei OOH large format building wrap spectaculars.

taiwan airport-advertising-agencytaiwan airport advertising agency

Inside Taipei101 mall ad space:

It turns out only mall tenants can advertise inside the mall.


When you get your AdverTaipei-sing ideas, creative, budget and finger on the trigger, get in touch with your Taipei out of home ad agency for a request for proposal based on your criteria.


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