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Sovereign Ad, provides out of home advertising planning & buying for your specific market and ad space types virtually world wide. We specialize in out of home advertising for Asia, especially Japan, China[Hong Kong, Macau and mainland], Thailand, Singapore and the USA, further we plan for 155+ other countries.

The Asia outdoor ad space markets are our first and foremost specialty for planning, buying, consulting on OOH (out-of-home advertising) ads. We are one of Asias unique outdoor/out of home ad specialists located in Bangkok. focusing on the whole region.

Contact us with your intended market, desired ad space RFP and we'll get back to you quick.

More about traditional OOH "out of home advertising"…

Billboards / Poster Panels: This ad type is popular and offers great circulation and cost per impression ratios. These signs can not be "turned off" unlike TV/radio during a commercial break, thus, this ad space is virtually always viewed by the outdoor public.

Digital Video Boards: Sovereign Ad has a large network(in Japan)of digital video boards as well as in the USA and most international markets. Our video boards combine either or both “print” or “TV” type campaign ads. This modern type of outdoor ad space is usually more cost effective than traditional advertising venues. In addition, video board ad campaigns can be placed in view in a rather short period of time, compared to wall or billboard ads because there usually is a waiting list/period for wall/billboard placements and this is usually not the case with video boards. For an ad campaign that needs to be launched in its market, with short notice, video works well.

Transit- Bus & Train Wraps, Bus Shelter: This ad venue is inexpensive and excellent for a short term ad campaign and are pedestrian, driver and street level viewable.

Transit- Metro or Subway Train Stations: Target commuters at train or subway stations or inside the rail cars to or through specific points in a city.

Airport: Target travelers coming in or going out of an airport in your target city, ad space is usually available in a departure or arrival terminal and before or after passport control.

Taxi, Mobile Billboards and Truck-side ads are cost effective and can be used as the venue means instead of wall or billboards within a market where they are non-existent or expensive. Inquire about the advantages of truck-side fleet advertising and why you can penetrate virtually any market with it opposed to popular means.

Event&Planning: Events at a strategic location gives direct contact with people and exposes your message/product in a conspicuous way, that is unlike traditional OOH. If offers great advantages to where the public can feel, see or touch your product/service etc.
We can turn a slightly empty space into an event meeting place creating attraction and excitement to passerby's.
Samples can be distributed, as well as brochures, along with displays, video monitors, music and more. We will research the best possible place to make your promotional event happen.
Furthermore, a more private event setting can be planned for increasing client-business opportunities.

Design Layouts. We will work with you in designing your wall, billboard, video, taxi or mobile advertisement to best fit your punch line. We design for you not only the strategically tactful aspect of the ad, but the appeal that makes people turn their head to look at it and sense its meaning to them. An effective ad will trigger a powerful emotional response from the viewer, thus those emotions drive the sales.

We highly encourage you let someone who has experience designing billboard ads, as this ad space is special and requires certain expertise, as you only have 6 seconds to drive the message across–6 words, 6 seconds, nothing more.

Non Traditional Outdoor Advertising


If your budget is not massive and you want to penetrate an area where there is few, expensive or non existent mediums, then non-traditional ad space forms can help you allot. Lets think outside the box. In fact there are an enormous number of ad formats that have began within that last 10 years in America and on the slower pace, world wide markets, however ever so creative mediums exists outside America which would make you say "wow, haven’t seen that here’. Every country has its unique form on non traditional mediums that may not be available in America.


As part of our growing network we want to offer less expensive, unique and practical ad space that are not billboards, building wraps or digital. The following list will be growing continuously. Just because you dont see it, doesnt mean we dont have it!


  • Truck-side fleet
  • Metro subway*
  • Motorcycle Billboard
  • Mobile digital LED paneled vehicles
  • Building Projection, (slides or moving video), [Target city nightlife anytime!]
  • Laser Billboard /signs
  • Taxitops
  • Commuter train wraps
  • Elevator/Office building monitors
  • Airplane/Skybus ads for travelors
  • Health Club/Gyms
  • Inside NY taxis
  • Barbershop/Salon
  • Freight train ad spaces, Nation wide
  • Vet waiting room TV
  • College campus / Off campus area monitors
  • Beach /floating billboard targeting beach goers next summer
  • Eco friendly hangers
  • Airport carts / banners
  • Airplane fold down trays
  • Check cashing stores’ envelopes
  • Movie | Cinema theater slides, 1-5 minute spots, pre-showing, lobby promotions. Integrated in theater marketing means
  • Film festivals
  • K-mart parking lots
  • National parks area
  • Cell phone text messages on new "free phone service" (UK)
  • 6 story high mobile billboard
  • Club/Event hand stamp / Restroom signs
  • Gulf courses on the green
  • Airport First Class/Executive Lounges (Executive+High Income targets)
  • Shopping cart screens
  • Cruise ship ad space
  • Dry Cleaners Hangers
  • Shopping malls
  • Airport bookstores
  • USA: Airport security checkpoint trays
  • Credit card receipts
  • College television
  • Ski lift ads
  • Hospital and clinics
  • Tissue packet hand outs
  • College textbooks
  • Greyhound bus ticket
  • Chopstick wrappers
  • Teen marketing (13-17yrs)
  • Night club wrist-band
  • American Collage Bookstore video screens
  • American Collage Digital floor mat advertising
  • UK; Lamp post signs
  • Supermarket Conveyor belt rolling ads
  • USA: Mobile video vans throughout western states
  • Supermarket ground advertisments at door entry(California to nationwide)
  • (Singapore) Integrated KIOSK advertising; 32" LCD + Static ads (inquire to set this up in your country!)
  • (Singapore)Integrated Pillar Wrap with built in 42" LCD screen
  • Worlds largest advertisments, viewed from AIRPLANES that are landing/taking off



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