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Some Outdoor Facts & Figures (USA)


The definition of outdoor has changed dramatically as the industry has developed new outdoor ad formats in response to the needs of advertisers.



Outdoor can create high awareness levels among primary audiences.

TOTAL REACH – Outdoor is the most universal of all advertising space, exposed to virtually everyone who goes out of the house to work, shop or play. Outdoor provides broad, fast market reach.

HIGH FREQUENCY – Because of its continuous presence, outdoor is capable of producing frequency levels unmatched by any other medium.

CONSTANT EXPOSURE – Outdoor delivers your message over and over, every day of the month.


FLEXIBILITY – You can replace your outdoor advertising in locations reaching everyone coming into or leaving your specific market area. You can pinpoint your prime marketing areas exactly.


LOW COST PER THOUSAND – No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often.

IMPACT – Outdoor advertising’s large physical characteristics create greater visual impact on your audience. Outdoor is big, bold and colorful.


THE LAST WORD – Outdoor advertising is

the final reminder of your product or service;

it’s the point of sell before the point-of-sale.

Outdoor advertising bridges the gap between

the in-home message and the out-of-home

purchase. And the advantage of the “last

word” is never more evident than when it

comes to last-minute, impulse buying.

Outdoors’ audience advantages are more

than reach and frequency. They also

include a qualitative audience that is more

desirable to most advertisers.

The more automobiles people have and the

more they drive them, the more upscale their

demographic situations.

Therefore, people who see a lot of outdoor

advertising tend to be younger, wealthier

and better educated than those who don’t.

The younger and more affluent a person is,

the less likely he or she is to view much

television .

This fact is also brought out by S M R B .

While a typical #100 GRP showing reaches

an average of 88 percent of all adults, it

reaches still higher percentages of upscale

prospects .








Outdoors’ cost efficiency is similarly

unrivaled. Outdoor costs less per thousand

viewers, or per GRP, than any other medium.

And this is true for every market , large

and small.


As a broad example of ad cost comparisons,

outdoor delivers :


Approximately 3.3 times as many prospect

impressions per dollar than radio.


More than 3 times as many prospect

impressions per dollar than television.


More than 6.6 times as many prospect

impressions per dollar than newspapers.


More than 5.5 times as many prospect

impressions per dollar than magazines.


And 10.3 times more impressions than the

cost of direct mail.

S O U RCE: OAAA Marketing 1997




1. Provide a larger-than-life message.

2. Creativity makes them dramatic.

3. Deliver high impact and allow an

affordable long-term presence in a market .

4. Enhance image and generate

top-of-mind awareness for the client.



The unit-of-sale for the 14′ x 48′ or 10’ 6”

x 36′ bulletin is normally one or more units.

Rotary units are moved to different locations

every two months to assure coverage in a

market. Permanent bulletins remain stationary.



Customarily sold on a 4-8-12-month

basis. Flash bulletins are available at a premium .



Bulletins are situated at highly visible,

high-traffic locations, such as near primary eateries,

major intersections and shopping centers.



Moved from one heavily traveled area

to another, bulletins attain high reach for

an advertiser.



Rotary bulletins remain in one location for

at least two months at a time, thus delivering

high frequency in that area. As the bulletin is

rotated throughout the market, frequency

builds for the entire population.



Bulletins, depending on quantity

desired, can be computer painted, screened ,

lithographed or hand painted.

Mechanical art work, scaled to one-half inch,

should be provided at least 45 days in advance .

Printed or computer-painted bulletins should be

supplied by the advertiser/client at least 15 days

in advance .


Outdoor advertising signs are everywhere. Is the use of outdoor advertising, interstate outdoor advertising and outdoor billboard advertising really effective? The outdoor advertising companies wanted to know the same thing. In 1999 The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc. commissioned a study to measure how consumers observe and react to outdoor advertising.


The goal of the study was to determine the attention given to outdoor advertising. A very unique method was used in this study. Special Shopper Visionä eyeglasses were used to document the ‘actual’ seeing experience of a passenger’s perspective. These tests were conducted in the Los Angeles and New York areas. In the year 2000 they conducted another test in the Minneapolis metro area. They found that after testing several hundred passengers that the results of each market shared striking similarities.


· 70% of boards within the passengers’ field of vision were examined.
· Of this group, 63% of outdoor billboards are likely to be read.
· Passengers age 18-34 were likely to take in more outdoor visuals
· Passengers age 35-49 were more likely to read outdoor advertising copy.
· 26% of respondents state that the outdoor advertising observed would influence their purchase decision.
· Women were more likely to read outdoor advertising but men were more likely to be influenced by the outdoor advertising they read.
· 66% of Hispanics examined the billboards.
· 58% of those billboards were likely to be read.
· 26% of Hispanics stated their purchases would be influenced by billboards.


Some of the primary reasons that billboards were remembered were:


· Bright/cheerful colors 30%
· Uniqueness (movement/extensions) 26%
· The color ‘yellow’ 18%
· Catchy/clever/cute/humorous 14%
· Personal relevance 14%
· Familiarity/repeat exposure 12%
· Product illustration 12%



From this report it is clear that ¾ of those traveling in car will view and read Outdoor advertising signs. This will help you in determining how much of your advertising budget should be spent in the great outdoors.


Compelling Reasons To Use OOH Advertising:

1. Consumers are more difficult to reach

Your target is on the move…audiences are becoming increasingly more difficult to reach with other ads. The targeted ability of Out of Home gives the advertising immediacy while customers travel to their destinations.

2. Clear focus and long visibility

Out of Home typically can’t function well trying to communicate too many messages, compared to print or radio. Therefore, you are able to target in on the most specific message for the situation…Next Exit, Over 100 Rooms, Best Show…to highlight your core appeal. Its 24 hour presence cannot be ignored.

3. Cost efficiency

In the industry there is a term, Vicious Circle of Advertising (VCA), which means: Radio, TV, Phone Book, Direct Mail, and Out of Home, all of which are within that circle of advertising that makes you unavoidable to your prospective customer. However, all these ads come with a cost. That leads us to the third compelling reason to use OOH.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

Ad Cost

CPM = —————————

Gross Impressions

To get your CPM, divide your gross impressions (total number of viewers) by 1000 (M) and then divide your total cost of advertising purchase by that number.

Any medium added to your ad mix will help you create that VCA, or some would say your reach and frequency; however, OOH does so to a greater degree due to its low CPM or Cost Per Thousand…What is your cost per thousand of advertising exposure opportunities?

You can calculate it using the above formula and discover quickly that using outdoor is very efficient.



Highway Billboard

Average Daily Traffic Count = 18,500

Monthly rate: $1,500

Calculate CPM

18,500 x 30 = 555,000 viewings

Thus, $1500/555 = CPM of $2.70

After going through this calculation process, you might be saying to yourself, “What is the big deal, so it’s under $3.00 per thousand exposure opportunities!” It is a big deal when you compare that Highway Billboard CPM to the National Advertising Market.


Average CPM - Adults 18+ Top 100 Markets


• Rotary Bulletins $3.90

• Radio :60 drive-time $5.92

• Magazine 4/C Page $9.14

• Television :30 prime-time network $18.90

• Newspaper 1/4 page b/w $11.03



Top 10 reasons to use outdoor


•Sight: Communicates with the dramatic impact of size and color — big, bold andhard to ignore.

• Targeting Ability: Able to reach your entire target market while eliminating waste circulation.

• Reach: You can’t beat outdoor for the sheer size of the audience.

• Editorial Environment: In outdoor, the medium is the message, encased in a beautiful framework, wherever you want it to be.

• Efficiency: With the lowest cost per thousand of any kind of ad spaces, outdoor has always been, and still is, the best buy.

• Effectiveness: Outdoor sells constantly and rapidly builds and maintains brand awareness.

• Adaptability: With a variety of format options, outdoor can be customized to fit every adver tiser’s needs.

• Speed: It is quick and easy to plan and place your billboard ads.

• Ease of Access: The planning, buying and tracking of your campaign is now easier than ever, thanks to recent technology advances.

• Cost: Compared to other mar keting vehicles, billboards are a relatively low-cost method of advertising. Outdoor advertising has the lowest CPM of all other types of ad spaces offering more bang for your buck. Courtesy of MagicMedia