macau digital advertising
Macau outdoor advertising covering all OOH, aiport, ferry terminal and more
Macau outdoor advertising

| Macau outdoor advertising : Billboard, wall, taxi, office buildings, airport and ferry.|

macau digital advertising macau digital advertising


Macau's out of home/outdoor advertising agents in buying & planning , below is a list of areas and ad formats available.


Macau Airport | Ferry Terminal | Taipa | Co-Tai | Boarder Cross | Casino Zone |


  • Billboards: Billboards, poster panels, lightboxes and wall

  • Mobile: Taxitops, taxi wrap, city bus wrap

  • Macau International airport: Billboards, lightbox, digital, chargning kiosk

  • Office buildings: Lobby and elevator digital ads

  • Boat Port: Macau Ferry terminal lightboxes, ferry wrapping

  • Tour bus: Tourbus wraps, side faces, seatback ads


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