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Airport Bag claim

LIghtboxes, Digitals, Baggage Carts & More

Iconic and Premium ad spacein Japan:

Rooftops, Neon, Iconic, Permanent

Indoor Shopping Malls, Convenient stores, Supermarkets


Video Mapping / Wall Projections

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Sovereign Ad offers Japan + Asia OOH. We network you to high profile walls, billboards, digital video screens, panels, mobile billboards, airports, bus, subways, rail, taxi, events, banners, posters, bus wraps, panels, shopping malls, B2B and other non-traditional outdoor advertisments to brands direct and ad agencies for the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, & more...

We specialize in out-of-home advertising, AKA OOH, for virtually all of Asia. We do the works- planning, buying, consulting, negotiating, creative and more -as an out of home advertising specialist should.

If you are an agency or ad buyer for brands anywhere in the world, we deliver the asia market to you, we focus on catering to companies like you. Click on services in the menu for our capability. Our speed, OOH specialty and various language abilities is what distinguishes us from the rest for the Asia region in outdoor ad planning and buying services.

Sovereign Ad will provide you with various advertising buying & planning services in the following markets and beyond:










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Sovereign Ad has access to over 6700 media suppliers in Asia alone, reaching almost 10,000 globally spanning outdoor, TV, radio, print, alternative ad spaces and online.


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