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Seoul outdoor advertising agency specialists in ad buying and planning.

Below is a partial list of cities and formats available.

Just because you dont see it, does'nt mean we cant source it.


Seoul | Busan | Incheon | Daegu | Daejeon | Gwangju | Ulsan | Suwon | Changwon | Seongnam | Goyang | Yongin | Bucheon | Ansan|

Billboards: Billboards, wallscapes, poster panels, lightboxes, building wrap, rooftops and neon.

Wall | Building wraps: Mega size walls, window and building wrapping using stick mesh.

Mobile: Truck ads, mobile trivisions, mobile digital trucks, mobile light boxes, taxi.

DOOH- Digital Outdoor: Out of home digital LED screens throughout Seoul and nationwide.

Shopping Mall: Premier shipping malls in Seoul targeting consumers with kioks, LED and static.

Airport AREX: : Station posters, train wrap, in-train window stickers, banners etc.

COEX: Conventions, exhibitions and shopping mall lightboxes and digital screens

ICN Incheon and Gimpo airports: lightbox, posters, banners, digital, sky bridges, carts, LEDs.

Taxi advertising

Subway lines nationwide including lucrative main lines in Seoul such as Gangnam and Samseung Stations.

Street promo teams


S. Korea Airport Advertising Nationwide

Civil Airports
Cheongju RKTU CJJ Cheongju International Airport
Daegu RKTN TAE Daegu International Airport
Busan/Gimhae RKPK PUS Gimhae International Airport
Seoul/Gimpo RKSS GMP Gimpo International Airport
Gwangju RKJJ KWJ Gwangju Airport
Seoul/Incheon RKSI ICN Incheon International Airport
Jeju RKPC CJU Jeju International Airport
Muan RKJB MWX Muan International Airport
Yangyang RKNY YNY Yangyang International Airport
Yeosu RKJY RSU Yeosu Airport
Ulsan RKPU USN Ulsan Airport
Wonju/Hoengseong RKNW WJU Wonju Airport
Gunsan RKJK KUV Gunsan Airport
Jinhae (Chinhae) RKPE CHF Jinhae Airport
Jeju/Jeongseok (Jungseok) RKPD JDG Jungseok Airport
Jeonju (Chonju) RKJU CHN Jeonju Airport
Mokpo RKJM MPK Mokpo Airport
Pohang RKTH KPO Pohang Airport
Sokcho RKND SHO Sokcho Airport
Wonju/Hoengseong RKNW WJU Wonju Airport
Yechon RKTY YEC Yechon Airport

Rank Airport City Passengers
1 Incheon International Airport Seoul / Incheon 45,512,099
2 Jeju International Airport Jeju 23,197,796
3 Gimpo International Airport Seoul 21,566,946
4 Gimhae International Airport Busan 10,378,866
5 Cheongju International Airport Cheongju 1,702,538
6 Daegu International Airport Daegu 1,537,328
7 Gwangju Airport Gwangju 1,332,234
8 Ulsan Airport Ulsan 457,060
9 Yeosu Airport Yeosu 433,794
10 Yangyang International Airport Yangyang 237,538
11 Muan International Airport Muan 178,414
12 Gunsan Airport Gunsan 154,189
13 Sacheon Airport Sacheon / Jinju 124,792
14 Pohang Airport Pohang 112,387
15 Wonju Airport Wonju / Hoengseong 76,150

Airport Limousine Advertising

Airport limousine adspace is availble for Incheon/Seoul and other cities where availble.

incheon airport limousine bus advertising korea airport bus advertising

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