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SovereignAd offers more than Tokyo OOH. All major cities to small town train station ad spaces nationwide.


*130+ Video digital signs throughout 40+ cities in Japan available.
*Bus wraps with custom routes in any city*
*Various alternative OOH *

Tokyo- Billboards walls/spectaculars, digital, bus shelters, malls, bus, taxi, truck side, poster panels, train stations, Metro subway, parking lots, street banners, bus wraps and more

Osaka – Billboards, digital video, train station, shopping malls, street banners, truck side & various ad space forms
Kyoto - Billboards, video, train station, trains, poster panels, malls & more

Airports- Tokyo Narita and Haneda, Osaka Kansai and Itami, Kobe, Nagoya Chubu, Fukuoka. All in Japan.

Transit- Outdoor in all cities such as subway, JR/private rail lines, bullet train, platforms in/ outdoor

Kobe / Sannomiya, Billboards, digital video, bus shelter, train station, malls, bus wraps

Nagoya- Billboards, digital, bus shelter, malls,train, train stations, truck side and more

Sapporo- Billboards, video, mall, train, train stations

Sendai- Billboards, train, train stations

Hiroshima- Billboards, train, train stations, digital

Yokohama- Billboards, bus shelters, video, bus shelter, train, train stations, malls

Fukuoka- Billboards, digital, panels, indoor, bus wrappings, train, train stations

Kawasaki- billboards, malls, truck side, bus shelter, train, train stations

Niigata- Billboard, bus shelter, bus wraps, train, train stations

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