Request For Proposal (R.F.P.) Preface.

Please fill in our RFP form below the best you can. The more we know the better we can assist you. If you have a strict deadline please state so. However keep in mind why we can't adhere to close deadlines, or even a deadline in general you give for the following reasons which are out of our control:
  • Time zone differences, and a time delay of communications with our times zone, yours, and the countries' times zone of which you are requesting.
  • We have our own work load and clients that are ahead of you. Our vendors also have their own work loads which are ahead of us. We all need to wait our turn.
  • Delay factors such as holidays in your country, our country and countries in which you are requesting advertising.
  • Our media providers having sick days, business trips, work loads, thier own pace or technical glitches on anyone's end which can cause delay. A deadline will not change this.
  • Some countries you may be targeting may not have the information ready in English. Therefore extra time to translate may be needed.
  • When considering international media buying and planning, expect to have the processes go 3 - 5 times slower compared to planning you may be accustomed to doing it within your own country (where you are all on the same time zone and speak the same language etc.) . Extra time is needed in general.
  • Buying from a local media owner in your country is not the same as buying from an agency internationally as the information gathering is far more tedious. Depending on what you ask for and where, it may require more work than local media planning.
  • In order to do an RFP properly, enough time must be allocated to us to think, plan, communicate, prepare, translate if needed and make a proposal to you which is suitable. Quality work takes time.
  • Giving short and tight deadlines only makes us offer you less options, or less than ideal options.
  • If you cannot allocate enough time to international media planning and / or have no patience for the work to be done then perhaps you should not make a request.
  • We ask aside from basic RFP questions about your agency and the dynamic between you and the client, along with if its an exclusive relationship, or if its a bidding type scenario. It is important for us to know the dynamic between you and the client. This helps us asses the situation and how we approach all angels of the planning, along with how to not waste time or be redundant.
missing information will cause a delay in initiating your request. if you are in a hurry, be comprehensive.
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