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guarulhos airport advertising

guarulhos media airport advertising 

Guarulhos GRU airport advertising sales planning

Press release, October 11th 2015 |

Sovereign Ad is happy to announce it is an authorized sales concessionaire for the Sao Paulo GRU airport and all its ad space. We currently have official permission to sell to brands and agents Guarulhos media including digital and analog formats, at a discount. GRU airport does of course allow ads as opposed to the city of Sao Paulo which has banned ad space all together in 2006. This has created a tight bottleneck for brands to find a way to target people in this city. Sovereign Ad is your GRU Guarulhos airport advertising sales planner.

GRU had 39.5 million passengers in 2014, up from 2013 numbers, making it high enough in circulation numbers for Guarulhos media effectiveness. It has an average of 900 flights daily. Now with the completion of terminal 3, operational capacity has reached 42 million. Currently 21 international airlines use Guarulhos.
August is the high volume month at GRU with 3,364,000 passengers.
Domestic vs international flights are at 13,581,000 for Intl. and 25,956,000 for domestic.(2014)

 Guarulhos media formats available:

  • Outdoor highway overhead
  • – Billboard
  • – Push carts
  • – Digital monitors
  • – Check in lobby digital
  • – Arrivals digital wall
  • – Digital at bag claim
  • – Top floor atrium
  • – Top atrium connections
  • – Phone booth
  • – Domestic corridor walls
  • – Check-in walls
  • – GRU Ave VIP lounge staircase
  • – Departure corridor walls
A map of the digital spots are:
guarulhos media airport advertising

Digital locations at Guarulhos T1 T2


guarulhos media airport advertising

GRU demographics