AdverTaipei-sing 101: Go for Taipei 101 00H! #10100H

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Where is A+ advertising in Taipei? 🙄 

Ah, Taipei Taiwan, a lovely place with lovely people. The coolest, tallest and most elaborate building is Taipei 101 in the civic center area of the city near city hall. This building is a magnet. Here are some of its attractions:

  • A shopping mall
  • Dining
  • Observatory
  • Lots of business
  • The BEST new years fireworks extravaganzaaaaaa! Hands down! I’m talking serious #boom.

taipei101 fireworks

The facilities are pretty cool as well. They feature things like a green corner, a reception desk for observatory restaurants (!), a conference center, watch repair, free wifi, currency exchanges, tax refund booth, equipment rental for shoppers, lockers, paging service, lost and found, medical assistance, VIP/Prestige club, auto detailing, breastfeeding room, and other exceptional amenities.

taipei 101

This building surely attracts the cities finest bunch. This building can indeed take some kudos for some cool attributes, in summery:

  • Worlds toughest building,
  • BBC’s worlds 8th most beautiful skyscraper,
  • Exemplar in Green super tall buildings,

Nearby, a few minutes walk is the Viewshow Cinemas in the civic center. This area features shops, dining, the cinema of course and other trendy stuff.

Both the Taipei 101 mall and Viewshow Cinemas offer elegant ad spaces, in, on or near them.

In AdverTaipei-sing chapter two, your Taiwan out of home ad agency should next teach you of the Viewshow area with ad space in the main areas of Viewshow cinemas, these fine ad spots target the affluent and trendy consumer, along with the local workers of nearby offices and government buildings.

taipei civic center advertising

Speaking of consumers, in a world without advertising, how would they ever be reminded of what they need buy? Burberry has set out to give us just that…

Taipei101 itself offers premium outdoor window mesh such as:

Taipei 101 advertising out of home agency


taipei OOH large format spectaculars

Taipei OOH large format building wrap spectaculars.

taiwan airport-advertising-agencytaiwan airport advertising agency

 Inside Taipei101 mall ad space:

It turns out only mall tenants can advertise inside the mall.


When you get your AdverTaipei-sing ideas, creative, budget and finger on the trigger, get in touch with your  Taipei out of home ad agency for a request for proposal based on your criteria.


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