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Five Sign Campaign Executions To Consider


Humor and Intrigue
This is a powerful design choice, since humor and intrigue require less ad weight to build awareness than a mundane execution. Humor arouses the most favorable response among viewers. Intrigue involves a viewer by using words or pictures that are not immediately comprehensible, a puzzle or solution relationship.


Stimulates a viewer using unexpected or unusual design elements. A surprised viewer will do a double-take and will generally experience an emotional response once the essence of the message is understood.


Designs that present pleasing, pleasant images or ideas may be soothing to observe or enjoyable to study in detail. More dependent on pictures than words.


Generally produce the lowest recall among Out Of Home advertising viewers. Although pure branding of name over time can be very effective, literal won't quickly accomplish that. Entertainment destinations are unique if you decide to use a literal message, if you have a recognized brand or name. On the other hand, if you try to advertise an unknown show, name or entity with a literal message you are wasting money. The summary for design execution is Keep It Simple!


Five Sure-Fire Design Tactics
Impactful design is art and science. The following tactical considerations are elementary, yet crucial:
• Location, Location, Location
• Physical Orientation
• Distance
• Time
• Recency
In other words, you want the right message, right audience, right time, right place.


Six Guidelines for Creating Out of Home Advertisements


Accuracy - Express the most important idea concisely.
Boldness - Present dynamic or provocative messages, don't do boring
Borders - Don't' be confined by the boundaries of a frame (extensions, 3-D)
Clarity - Limit the number of words and pictures
Brevity - Less than 7 words. Less than 3 elements
Color - High color contrast can improve out of home advertising recall by 38%


Common Causes of Production Delays

• Damaged Disks
• Missing or incomplete fonts
• Missing files
• Poor quality type/line art
• No match prints provided
• Out of proportion layouts
• Conflicting art directives
• Low resolution images