Out of home advertising in Yangon Myanmar

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.02.18 PMThe situation in Myanmar with outdoor advertising is a bit cumbersome. It is still in need of professional development.

Let’s take the airport for example. There are indeed many signs in the airport. Problem is, they are all sold out, for like a year out or more. Good luck booking one. Demand for all things in Yangon since 2013 has gone through the roof with the influx of capital and investors and business people flocking to the country to explore new opportunities. The country has been “frozen” for nearly 50 years. Once sanctions were reduced for the country, a huge amount of interest came upon the country. Traffic doubled in Yangon in about a year, hotel prices went up by 30-80%, and hard to get and book too. You started seeing lots of foreigners taking up residence with their new business visas.

Many billboards in Yangon were / are illegal. Meaning placed on public land. In 2013 the government set out to have all of them removed. It seems to have taken lots of boards off the market. So with that, rates went up and space was hard to find. There was a scramble to build legally. That makes it harder to get space. Add on top of that the fact of international brands all wanting to bring their product to market in Yangon with relaxed sanctions, and you have an explosion of demand for a shrinking supply of ad space. Rates have surely gone up. This is another example of low capacity in this country among many industries. Some boards must be sold for years out.

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Bangkok Taxi top media is back in Bangkok

Advertising on taxis in Bangkok looks to have made a comeback. Despite some attempts in the past by new providers, it did not get traction as most Thai ad agencies did’nt see the value of taxi advertising, yet they saw lots of value in bus advertising wraps. But why not taxi? It’s a huge industry as a medium in Europe and the US, expecially in New York City with Medalian Media. Taxi ad space is at eye level, visible from the sidewalks and by other cars on the street. And knowing how slow Bangkok’s traffic can get, there’s going to be times when “there’s allot of time to look at the ad” as you crawl on the road.





The new taxitops being offered in Bangkok are taller and less at an angle than the ones shown above.

So they are not illuminated from the inside.

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