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Bangkok airport rail link advertising | Multi media options to and from BKK airport

Bangkok airport rail link advertising offers great OOH ad spaces which indeed targets a specific demographic. But first, let’s put the ARL’s train line in perspective. There’s 3 major ways to advertise toward travelers and tourists in Bangkok going to and from the major Intl airport (Suvarnabhumi), and that’s 1) Billboard on the highway to/from [It’s people usually taking a taxi at night which will see this medium] 2) At the airport itself, a) billboards at the entrance outside and b) inside the airport and 3) The new Airport Link train, A.K.A. ARL. Because of Bangkok’s hideous traffic, taking this new airport link train makes this transportation mode fast and cheap. From Makkasan station taking the city line, it’s just over a $1 and takes 25 minutes. There’s also a non stop express train. So, this is now a preferred way of getting to the airport. Unless of course at night people take taxis as the train does not run. Some big travel businesses that have jumped on board this obvious demographic are HIS and AirAsia with some long term media buys for train wraps, in-train domination and overpass posters.

SovereignAd is offering space on the Bangkok airport rail link advertising formats.

  1. Full body train wrap. Visible from the street level from a distance not just the platforms.

bangkok airport rail link advertising


2. Station overhead beams.

bangkok airport rail link advertising

Station beam posters

3. Station walls.

bangkok airport rail link advertising

Large format walls, in-station

4. Long wall ad space at the airport station.

bangkok airport rail link advertising

Suvarnabhumi Airport link station entrance

5. Escalator overhead panels at the airport station.


bangkok airport rail link advertising


6. Airport station platform guard.

bangkok airport rail link advertising



The airport link also offers floor displays, street overhead pass wraps, platform LCD advertising and more.

Get in touch with us for a full proposal.

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Bangkok’s most iconic vertical wall?

You have to admit, Thailand has some of the biggest billboards, walls and building wraps in the world! Thailand could very well take the title for this. We now present to you the Baiyoke Hotel verticle wall. Situated not far from Phaya Thai Airport link.

This wall space towers from high above, and indeed is visible from a few miles away! BMW seems to be up there most of the time especially for the “Joy is BMW” campaign. But it’s not locked down and is only available from time to time.



Biyok Bld wallscapeThis media space will run you about 11 million THB + 7 VAT, term is a 6 months contract.

Sovereign Ad is your Thailand out of home ad agency for all your outdoor ad agency needs.

Omotesandos most awesome Billboard + Event space!

Having a billboard for a month is one thing, but having a billboard + your own store front shop/promotion/event space IS ANOTHER THING ALL TOGETHER!

Get a load of ‘THE BILLBOARD ON STEROIDS’… In the heart of Omotoesandos intersection which begins at the “super fashion boutique corridor” of Aoyama Dori.

In all our years in this business, this site is a first, an original, and a great idea. This is how it works;

You can take the store front / event space on the ground floor along with the different variations of the front, front windows space or wall and billboard space above. Illuminated sign, space includes kitchen, water, sink, restrooms. 3 Floors, 17m sqr, 15m sqr and 15m sqr.

omotesando boardHere are some other options doable for signage :

o1 o2 o4





o3 3







Play did the whole camo thing, and sold their gear in the shop space.m1How about a Snickers bar while you get a free haircut?


4MiniCooper did a good job here with the full board display along with a car showroom. How awesome is that? See the sign, go sit in the car!

If you ever had a call to action campaign, this would be the space to do it in. 7

1 week campaign with tax and production will run you around 4.1 Million Yen. Also sellable for 2 and 4 weeks.

Contact us to book this unique promo and board space.



Advertising on Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand

A Phuket ad agency for your local ad campaign

If you have lived or even done any media planning for Phuket, you’ll eventually find out through your Phuket ad agency that ad space is not as easy as say, a developed city like Bangkok. Phuket does have a decent share of billboards on major roads throughout the island but still developing more over time.

Patong does have a nice poster network which we will explain below.

But first, why Phuket for advertising? Aside from Phuket Intl Airport, Patong beach is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Travelers, backpackers, shoppers etc. It’s usually chosen first over Kamala beach, Surin or Kata due to Patongs wide range of hotels, fun and games at the beach and the nightlife party and sleaze you can handle. Patong also has the Jung Ceylon shopping mall with fancy restaurants and wide ranging stores simply making Patong a nice go to spot for almost anything.

Sovereign Ad is offering a network of backlit panels which is placed near the beach and the Ceylon mall vicinity.


phuket ad agency


The blue and red circles are the spots of these lightboxes.

Phuket ad agency


The standing promotion is 4 panels (hence, 8 faces) for 3 months’ term; 720,000Baht. Production is FREE, and NO VAT!

Sovereign Ad is your Phuket advertising agency so click to send us your RFP for what you plan to advertise on the island.

Some other media we offer is the airport, streetside billboards, DOOH/ digital outdoor and other guerrilla advertising.




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